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What's New?

Acton Precast Concrete is now a manufacturing dealer for Norweco Wastewater Treatment Systems

January 1st, 2017 brought significant changes to Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code.  The O.B.C.'s new regulations require tertiary treatment systems to be certified to BNQ 600 for residential wastewater treatment.  BNQ certification is one of the most stringent in the world and as such, many of the existing manufacturers were unable to meet the new standard.  We chose to represent Norweco as they have decades of experience in wastewater treatment and their Hydro-Kinetic system offer the highest level of treatment in the industry.

A Norweco model 3020 going in the ground.  (Contractor's wife is telling him to pick up milk)

A Norweco Model 3780 at a new home site.


NEW TRUCK DAY (who doesn't like new truck day?)

Bigger is better.  Twin steer with a lift means 46000 lbs of payload.  76 tonne/metre crane means we can get it off.

Thats 24000 lbs on the hook... no problem. 

Starting to earn it's keep.


February 2015 - We are excited to be expanding our shop!  Another 120' will nearly double our production area.







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